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New Notice of Public Hearing of Benchmark Holding Company’s Proposed Acquisition of Control of American Liberty Insurance Company, a Subsidiary of ALIC Holding Company, Inc. Nov. 1, 2016 at 9:00am, East Senate Building (350 N. State St.), Olmstead Room, Salt Lake City, UT 84114 Public Notice PMN Site Link

American Liberty Insurance Company Changes Claims TPA’S

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American Liberty Insurance is pleased to announce that it has partnered with S&C Claims Serivces, Inc. to manage and administer its workers compensation claims as of 4-1-2015.  S&C Claims is located at 3601 North University Ave #100  Provo, Utah 84604 All new claims may be filed via the American Liberty Website: http://www.american-liberty.net/file-a-claim  Additionally claims may be reported via the 24-hour … Read More

Save Money on your Worker Compensation Insurance

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Workers Compensation Insurance is one product that you the business owner can directly affect when it comes to cost. Creating a safe workplace environment for you employees directly translates to lower insurance premium over time. The Fewer the Claims on your policy, the lower your premium goes. Ask a work Comp Expert for help and instruction today. Let us Refer … Read More

What is an E-MOD and how does it affect me??

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WHAT IS AN E-MOD AND HOW DOES IT WORK?? E-Mod is short for Experience modifier or experience modification and is a term used in the American insurance business world more specifically in workers’ compensation insurance. It is the adjustment of annual premium based on previous loss experience. Usually three years of loss experience are used to determine the experience modifier … Read More